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Elderflower Cordial

I thoroughly enjoyed my walk along the Common land at Noirmont near my house this week.  I gathered some elderflowers and took a recipe from the internet and made a batch of Elderflower Cordial.

It took me about 20 minutes to get the solution ready.  I added the flowers and left the solution rest in the fermentation bucket I was using that I normally use to make wine.  Every twelve hours I lifted the lid and the smell emanating from this lovely liquid was sensational.

Once the 72 hours elapsed I proceeded to sterilize some bottles that I had collected with lift off metal tops by putting them in the oven at 150 degrees celcius.

I siphoned off the delicious liquid and had my first sample using it in the proportion of 11 to 1 with carbonated water as a treat.  It was as delicious as it looked.  Not only that I took the two crushed up lemons and two crushed up oranges used in the making of the Elderflower Cordial and transferred them to a pot and proceeded to make lemon and orange marmalade using half a pint of the newly made Elderflower Cordial.  The marmalade tasted really special with the addition of the Elderflower Cordial.  Nothing but natures best in my kitchen.

Elderflower Cordial

Magnolia Stellata

One of my most favourite trees/bushes is the Magnolia Stellata.  It has such a pretty flower and foliage.  I have had this plant for approx five years and it has grown considerably and now shows itself off to its full splendour.  Can’t wait until it gets even bigger.

Here is a close-up of the flower.

Here is a picture of the whole bush. It is still only about 3ft high.

Spring Mystery Quilt 2011

I signed up to do a Spring Mystery Quilt for 2011 with and I am very pleased with it.  I still have to sandwich it and put a binder on but that time will come :)

I used some of my French Provencal fabric for this one.  I ran short of the yellow fabric so I had to improvise and use blue in some places where yellow should have been.  I am pleased with the result and it the mystery was fun to do.

New Year’s Eve Mystery Quilt

A quilt top I made on New Year’s Eve.  I really should get some of these quilts I make sandwiched and finished – I just love making and piecing tops. 

Riots in Jersey

Here is a picture found on the internet recently which depicts the Bread Riot of 1847.

I will try and do some more research on this particular riot.  Since then there seems to have been a very long quiet period with a few protests but does not seem to have been any more riots.

Robin Hood Riot of 1847

A poem called ‘My Law’

I love this poem it seems to encompass all I feel about life and after-life, no one knows  who wrote it:


The sun may be clouded, yet ever the sun
Will sweep on its course till the cycle is run
And when into chaos the system is hurled
Again shall the Builder reshape a new world.

Your path may be clouded uncertain your goal
Move on, for your orbit is fixed to your soul
And though it may lead into darknes of night
The torch of the Builder will give it new light.

You were.  You will be!  Know this while you are
Your spirit has travelled both long and afar
It came from the source, to the source it returns
The spark which was lighted eternally burns.

From body to body your spirit speeds on
It seeks a new form when the old one has gone
And the form thatit finds is the fabric you wrought
On the loom of the mind from the fibre of thought.

As dew is drawn upwards, in rain to descend
Your thoughts drift away and in destiny blend
You cannot escape them for petty or great
Or evil or noble, they fashion your fate.

Somewhere in the future, sometime and somehow
Your life will reflect your thoughts of your now
My law is unerring, no blood can atone
The structure you built you will live in alone.

From cycle to cycle, through time and through space
Your lives with your longings will ever kep pace
And all that you ask for, and all you desire
Must come at your bidding, as Flame out of Fire.

Once list’ to that Voice and all turmoil is gone
Your life is in the hands of the Infinited One
In the hurrying race you are conscious of pause
With love for the purpose, and love for the cause

You are your own devil, you are your own god
You fashioned the paths your footsteps have trod
And no one can save you from error or sin
Until you have hark’d to the spirit within.


Jersey Tide Times

Just been watching the bread making video very interesting might try it.

I have just logged onto Jersey Tide Times and my Coastline posts are on it. I sightly remember an email i had a little while ago from Jersey Tourism asking if i minded them using my post and yes thats fine and forgot all about it, so cannot be all bad.


Brilliant No Knead Bread recipe from

I surfed the net today because I wanted a quick bread recipe as I was too busy doing projects at home to visit the supermarket to purchase bread.  No Joke the picture above is the result of my labour.  Good effort eh?

I found this recipe which look promising:  I had all the ingredients ready at home so I got to work right away.  It was brilliant and you can, hopefully, find the link here.

Fabric Dyeing!

I am currently doing a fabric dyeing course with Marjie McWilliams at and I am very pleased with the colour intensity in the first two projects and I rather like the design in project three. 

Jersey C.I. Coastline.

                                                  Sunsets looking towards our sister Isle Guernsey from Jersey’s North Coast. What is the old saying? Red Sky at night Jersey’s delight because Guernsey is on fire.

      A joke honestly!

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