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Time for Reflection!

“Discrimination lies at the root of many of the world’s most pressing
human rights problems. No country is immune from this
scourge. Eliminating discrimination is a duty of the
highest order.”

Navi Pillay
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Please forgive me if I get a little serious today.   Traditionally,  during the period between Christmas and New Year, it is quite expected that we reflect upon the past year.  I have a lot of reflections – but one in particular is very important to me and that is  my newly found political awareness!

I have had the pleasure of making friendships and  aquaintances within this new political world of mine and I am still finding my feet and wondering which side of the fence I belong to politically.  I hope I don’t get too many splinters whilst sitting on the fence as I ascertain the position I like best.  What I do know is that I have very strong views about Human Rights and the Protocols of the Council of Europe and the Articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights .

The quote I use above is from The United Nations Human Rights website.   Discrimination of all kinds is abhorant but it is common in every country.  Of course the Human Rights issues are different depending upon the region of the world  in which we live but every issue is dear the to the person who is fighting for Human Rights.   The needs of a young lady in  Dafur in the Sudan are not the same as the needs of  someone who may be old and infirm and living in Britain.

The two areas I have cause for concern within our island currently are Children’s Rights and Disabled Rights. I hope to spend some time researching these matters and finding out which Protocols and Articles our local Government have agreed to and duly ratified.

For a subject that I consider to be so vital for a New World Order, the whole concept is taking a very long time coming to fruition.  I wonder why Governments are dragging their feet, particularly in the western world,  over some of the issues!  I also believe that education should be the primary aim of everyone who is interested in basic human rights and it is only by educating people that we can ever see things moving more quickly.  Hence my serious ramblings today.  :).  I think Human Rights should be taught in schools.  I am also aware that there are some unscrupulous people and organisations who may use and hijacked Human Rights issues and try to use them in a way they were never meant to be used.  We should always be vigilant and protect the Human Rights issues from being misused.

(My grateful thanks  to the sources I used for this article which can be found in the respective hyperlinks inserted from, the Council of Europe and the United Nations)

One Response to “Time for Reflection!”

  • Yogi Bear:

    I agree with human rights but i believe that if one breaks the law of the land then you should lose your rights so long as you are treated fairly and humanly but luxury item should not be allowed. One should be able to defend ones property from burglars or defend themselves from being attacked. There is far to much rights given to a guilty person than the injured party. As for our government goes there are to many rich people in the top jobs who are running this island with the establishment. I believe that the States must have lawyers, accountants and business men and women in the States for their experience but there must be people with common sense from a working class background to make a balance and they should do what is good for all islanders not just for the few.There should be total transparency and sacking of employee if proved to have done wrong i.e. the Incinerator Fiasco, Le Sueur should have resigned and Ian Black sacked for not doing their jobs for which they are paid to do. How to get the people to vote, i would get the people who are standing to get there message across very early not wait for the nominations put letters through the post box at least 3 months before hand and call meetings, adverts in the post for info on the internet etc. etc.

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