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Machine Embroidery and Applique

I took up machine embroidery because whilst on holiday in Australia we had a lot of travelling to do and I became a little bored sitting in the car until, that is, we alighted at a small town and I went into a newsagents and what I was about to discover would change my life.  I came upon the the most fabulous magazine ever and that was Jenny Haskin’s ‘Creative Expressions’.

 I was totally hooked from that moment on and it resulted in my using some inheritance money to purchase the best embroidery machine I could afford at the time which turned out to be the Bernina Aurora 440QE.  I then progressed to the then Top of The Line Model, the Bernina 730QE which  is still my main machine to date and I still haven’t fathomed out all it can do regarding fancy stitching etc but there is still lots of time to learn.  I gave my daughter the 440 and she says I can use it from time to time if I want to.  I get sort of attached to my machines.

Of course, when one gets an all singing and dancing computer things don’t end there now do they.  I became interested in digitizing and proceeded to purchase the Bernina Artista Digitizing software.  After working with the  Bernina Aurora 440 which I could plugin directly to my computer and use patterns from it I went to purchasing my own digitizing package which became known as Bernina Software and upgraded through the stages from Version 4 in stages to Version 6 which I still use today and it is sufficient for my needs.  i resisted the temptation to purchase the Cutwork programe or any other program as I onl have one life and I would need at least ten to get heavily into anything else with all the other things I do.

Meet GOLDY –  I received digitizing tuition from an excellent artist, June Atherton, in London several years ago and she devised this pretty little goldfish for all her students to use.  So this was my first true attempt at real digitizing using her tutorial.  I am so proud of that little fish.  I hope you like it.



This is a quilt designed by Simon Haskins, the son of a very well-known Australian embroidery quilt designer, who has also taken up the profession.  I am taking quite a bit of time making these blocks.  You know how things are?  Life just keeps on getting in the way,  Children become ill,  Life events take you over, parents become ill.  But each time I have a little space for the AA quilt, as I call it,  I have great pleasure in picking the notes and proceeding further.  I am enjoying working with Dupion silk and as you can imagine if I cut a block I have to secure it with over-locking at the first opportunity or the whole block will fray.  Here are two of the blocks, I have finished eight of them and only four to finish.  Then I get to the fun part and that is assembling the lovely quilt.  All of the supplies for this lovely quilt can be purchased from:


block 8 Aquamarine Ambience quilt


Block 7 AA

I have all the supplies ready to work on another lovely quilt, but not in Dupion silk this time, by Jenny Haskins and that is the Moulin Rouge quilt.  Don’t know when it will get started but I intend to get there someday.


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