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Mo’s Homecrafts

I have decided I should separate my personal blog from the main items in this website as all the various contributions and news is being lumped together and may become hard to follow.  I sought my ‘web gurus’ and friend’s advice this week so you see we have an addition on the Categories Menu where you can see what I have been doing, or not doing, as the case may be  on the home front, regarding needlework, knitting/crochet, cooking,  gardening and computing.

Shelter in the Big Dog Kennel

Flyn Watching Life (birds) Go By

All the above will be done in the company of my two elderly cats Tay and Flynn a mother and son duo that have been in my life for the past 15 years.  Tay, the queen of her domain,  is getting a little frail these days and leads a very sedentary life for a 15 yr old but Flynn, her son who is six months younger than his Mum, has fared better and still goes out on the odd hunting expedition in between regular cat naps  in the  conservatory.

Flynn is very smart and vociferous, if he feels something is not quite right he proudly marches up to my partner or myself and meows indignantly and loudly until we take notice.  The loudest and most insistent  meows are heard when he is hungry.  Then there are the requests to be inspected for those pesky mites and parasites and I have to don the rubber gloves and get the special tick tweezers to remove these horrid things from clinging to his skin.  Now Tay is not bothered by ticks so I can only assume there is something in Flynn’s makeup that appeals to these blood-sucking creatures.  The quicker they can be removed the better for the cat as they harbour disease and infections.  I have tried many things to deter them from seeking accommodation on Flynn by using special medication like Frontline  from the vet and also using a recipe of vodka with a few drops of Tea Tree oil wiped on his lovely silky coat of fur.

Finally today, I am so pleased that the Nature and Wildlife category is taking such good shape.  I know that Yogi Bear has  a lot of knowledge about the island’s natural science and the shoreline and beaches.

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