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Its a Mystery – Happy New Year!


Well it is all a mystery to me!  I am a crazy quilter.  I enjoy it because it gives me quiet  but structured time and it makes me think.  Today I have decided to take part in a Mystery Quilt.  There is a lady in New York who has designed a quilt for us to make and she is giving us clues every hour, by email, as to how we are to construct this mystery!

7 Clues over seven hours sent by email. The quilt top which has yet to have a border was completed at 11.55pm NYE

Australia has already celebrated their New Year as I have had an email from one of the Mystery Quilt participants to let me know.  So the fireworks have gone off on Sydney Harbour Bridge!  Won’t be long now and I will have my Mystery Quilt finished and we will be celebrating New Year in the Western Hemisphere.

Mystery Quilting is a bit like politics really isn’t it!  You gets snippets of information (Flyers, canvassing notes at election time), you piece together the patchwork of  theories and ideologies  and then wait, and trust – wait and trust – that the quality of the fabric (people you have collectively elected)  are up to standard and will work in harmony.

It does not always happen, as in mystery and any other kind of  quilting the combinations you decide to put together can be disastrous, even make you feel ill.  The network (threads) may be weak!

I think what I am trying to say is – be it in life or in politics – choose well and take time choosing because you are stuck with the results for a very long time.  At least a mystery quilt can be given away and even if it is a disastrous colour it is still useful to keep warm.  I don’t think the same applies to a failed government.

Have a Happy Time celebrating the New Year ‘IN’ and above all keep safe!

5 Responses to “Its a Mystery – Happy New Year!”

  • mopinwil:

    I am really interested in that quilting program you saw. I don’t know the one you mean. The person who sent us the emails was Ann Smith who lives in New York. She is an excellent quilt designer. The quilt scene in the UK is only about 20% of the popularity it has in the United States. The huge John Brown Convention Centre in Houston was filled to capacity on in the autumn of 2008 when I visited and there are similar shows in the spring and summer in other places in the USA too which are equally as full and as good. So this may mean another visit, one day, to the States to have a look at these others shows, although I don’t like doing long-haul flights these days. The whole travel thing gives me the eeby-jeebies, especially the security stuff!

  • Yogi Bear:

    I just caught a glimpse of a programme on tv about quilting and i believe the woman was American and think it maybe the woman that emails you about quilt patterns. I shall try and catch the programme in the next few weeks. Unless you already know it.

  • Yogi Bear:

    The photo of your quilt does not do it justice, you cannot see all the little pieces that make it up. This is not a criticism of the photo but just a pipy that the true amount of work put into the quilt does not show through.

  • Yogi Bear:

    Well i have seen the quilt and how anybody could make that quilt with only instructions by email on the hour is total beyond me. I can honestly say that it is a beautiful quilt made from hundreds of pieces of cloth.

  • Yogi Bear:

    You are quite right with what you have said in this post, some mistakes can last a life time but as with poiticians we can over turn the mistake hopefully for the better of everyone.
    Now “Happy New Year” to you and all the menbers of this site.

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