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Spring Mystery Quilt 2011

I signed up to do a Spring Mystery Quilt for 2011 with and I am very pleased with it.  I still have to sandwich it and put a binder on but that time will come 🙂

I used some of my French Provencal fabric for this one.  I ran short of the yellow fabric so I had to improvise and use blue in some places where yellow should have been.  I am pleased with the result and it the mystery was fun to do.

New Year’s Eve Mystery Quilt

A quilt top I made on New Year’s Eve.  I really should get some of these quilts I make sandwiched and finished – I just love making and piecing tops.

Fabric Dyeing!

I am currently doing a fabric dyeing course with Marjie McWilliams at and I am very pleased with the colour intensity in the first two projects and I rather like the design in project three.

Caesarea Quilters’ Present – Jan Krentz April 2010 Workshops

Quilting is extremely popular in Jersey and and quilters do not usually make a big splash about anything and just get on with their task of making quilts but THIS year quilters from the Caesarea Quilters Club  have decided to invite an American Quilt Tutor, by the name of Jan Krentz, to Jersey to give two very special workshops on some lovely STAR techniques.

Jan Krentz is a quilt maker, instructor, designer and author who currently displays and teaches on her own website and also contributes to  the  ‘The Quilt Show’ website.   If you share a passion for quilts and beautiful fabrics, you will enjoy these workshops!

If you are a quilter and live on the Island of Jersey UK and would like to attend  one of these workshops please contact me on and visit .

If you don’t live on the island of Jersey UK and would still like to come along it is not too late – so go on!  What are you waiting for contact us for further information.

We have vacancies on the following days:

3 day course – Summer Salsa Lone Star Quilt Class

Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2010



2 day course – Rainbow Split Broken Star

Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st April 2010

Quilting Workshop: Garden Trellis + chatty bytes

Royal Jelly available from Vitamins Direct

Had a busy week!  The fibromyalgia is behaving, maybe the royal jelly I have been using is making a difference,   so I could get on and do some more unpacking – I had to store a lot of my hobby things away whilst we did some building works – and found some old friends hidden away in boxes I forgot I even had.

The new sewing room is coming on a treat but I must really stitch those curtains which are currently pinned up but hanging at the window,  waiting for me to attend to them.  So I think I will get on with that today, although I have a hundred and one other things to do,  like finish this weeks Workshop Quilt that I prepared for during the last week for a Workshop on Friday.  The quilt is called Garden Trellis.

Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam Lintott & Nicky Lintott

I decided to do this quilt with very little reference to the book, just as well as it did not arrive in time,  and just work on the hand-out at class and the list of supplies we were handed when I signed up for the workshop.  The Class was given by Sue Bone, who is a very able tutor and a good friend – who was sponsored by Caesarea Quilters, a local quilting club with over 60 members.  My only small  regret is not pondering on the title a little longer,  as the reference to the garden would have given me an extra clue as to the design of fabric I needed.  This is not to say I am unhappy with my fabric choice – Moda Vine Creek – as I like the way the quilt looks but it does not look much like a garden trellis – well!  Maybe  a winter flowering garden.  My choice of colour was not my usual with regard to hues and shades, as I normally go for brights.  This time I went for more somber blacks, blues, browns and greens with a splash of creams and reds.

I managed to get most of the blocks assembled at the workshop on Friday  and when I came home I made a meal for the family and rested awhile,  I then  carried on stitching and managed to get the blocks assembled into strips for further assembly yesterday (Sunday).  I managed to finish assembling the blocks.  I still have the border to add but I have to order that fabric from as I was not sure which of the fabrics I had used within the blocks that I wanted to use as a border.  Sometimes it is wise to wait until the blocks are assembled and the quilt speaks to you and you know immediately the colour and design to use to finish it off.whenI will be attending a meeting of the Caesarea Quilters tonight at one of the local parish halls and my latest quilt top, although not finished yet, will be displayed with others work from othes who attended the class, to show members who could not attend what we have been doing.  It is at this stage I get a bit concerned and inspect my work closely to see if the points have been placed correctly.  Well no doubt someone will find a point here and there that have been cut off in their prime.  I am learning to take care of the points now,  it does  take time and patience but well worth it for a nice crisp design.  If a job is worth doing it is worth doing correctly!  I will make that my mantra for the week I think.

I have also finished the Caesarea Quilt Challenge Block of the Month and this months rendition is the Ohio Star.  This is the Third block in the series and we where instructed at the November meeting by Sue a club member who is also a Tutor.  The next in the series is being demonstrated tonight and the technique is ‘reverse applique.

Two earlier blocks were an appliqued heart which I cannot show because I  have mislaid it.  I am sure it is somewhere close but I will be sorely worried if I have mislaid my heart.  An earlier block, I think it was the October one was the ‘Friendship Star’ which Angela, another club member demonstrated to us.

Should be a good week!  Hope all augurs well for you this week too!

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